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  1. Reanna Kay

Reanna Kay is a young talented interior designer and DIY craft that you can rely on her reviews and information. With years of experience in interior design and DIY craft, Kay has a lot of ideas on how to create articles which are not informative but also entertaining. She focuses on the DIY projects that can be easily followed by the readers.

Currently living in Singapore, Kay also loves outdoor activities as well as decorates home interior. She then transfers her experiences and knowledge to the visitors of through her writings. To correspondent with Reanna Kay, you can send her email to Reanna.Ky(at)

  1. Ryan Walker

Another talented contributor to our team is Ryan Walker. He comes from Bali, Indonesia, an island that becomes a heaven for those who love traveling and outdoor activities. The place where he lives plays important role in raising his passion for outdoor works, especially backyard projects. This passion keeps growing till he decides to work as exterior designers.

With the skill possessed, Ryan Walker does his best to create articles that can provide information needed the most by the readers. To contact Ryan Walker, you can send an email to ryanwalker.wr(at)